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GUI displays a blank page after login

  1. Before beginning the troubleshooting process: 
    1. Clear the browser cache and cookies.
    2. Open in the browser's incognito mode.
    3. Check in a different browser.
    4. Log in from a different machine.
  2. Troubleshooting steps have been provided below:
    1. If EventLog Analyzer is integrated with Log360:
      1. Check the number of files in the <dir>:\ManageEngine\EventLog Analyzer\adsdata folder.
      2. If it is more than 100, resync EventLog Analyzer by navigating to the Log360 GUI as the default admin, select Admin > Administration > Log360 Integration > EventLog Analyzer, and click Update.
      3. After completing the sync process, the number of files in the <dir>:\ManageEngine\EventLog Analyzer\adsdata folder should reduce and the GUI should display as intended.
    2. If you are using standalone EventLog Analyzer:
      1. Check the number of files in the <dir>:\ManageEngine\EventLog Analyzer\adsdata folder.
      2. If the file count is more than 100, stop the EventLog Analyzer service and delete the files.
      3. Open the <dir>:\ManageEngine\EventLog Analyzer\server\conf\wrapper.conf file, search for in the file, and increase the value based on RAM size. The maximum value can be 4096. 
      4. For example, if the server has 16GB, you can assign up to 4GB as the heap space as a best practice.
      5. Restart the EventLog Analyzer service and observe.
If the issue persists, reach out to our technical support team for further analysis and resolution. 
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