Update on SupportCenter Plus 11.0 (Build 11000) Behavior and API changes

Update on SupportCenter Plus 11.0 (Build 11000) Behavior and API changes

Dear Customers

Greetings for the day. 

We released ManageEngine Supportcenter Plus 11.0 last week. We implemented a lot of features, Lot of search framework is changed, Lot of Mail fetching related framework is changed. Surely, this build will be more stable than the existing one.

As there are a lot of changes in the new build, we are working hard to make the upgrade experience better for our existing customers. We will keep you post on the availability of Service Pack (PPM) in the months to come. A couple of our customers are happy to do a fresh configuration and fresh start with our New Supportcenter Plus 11.0 and proceeding towards it. In case if you are happy to proceed with a new instance of SCP 11.0, you can still proceed with it. You can place your existing set up in Read-Only mode so that for references you can use it anytime. 

As this release is a complete revamp, there are a lot of behavior changes also towards it.  Please have a look at the below links for more information.

For any questions, please reach out to us at support@supportcenterplus.com

Following is the support policy of SupportCenter Plus :

  • Product support will be offered only for builds that are one year old. To continue receiving support, users have to move to the latest version.
  • Service packs released will be applicable only over the latest available builds.
  • We are stoping support for builds/versions less than 8.1 (Build - 8100). Hence I request our users to upgrade to our latest builds asap.
  • We stopped support for MySQL DB instances already and users cannot upgrade to 11.0 as well.  A related announcement is available here.

  • Why upgrade?
By upgrading to the latest version, you get access to the new features that help improve your help desk performance and enhance service delivery. With every release, existing bugs are fixed, thus reducing the number of issues or breakdowns you experience.

Thanks for your continuous support

Manager - Helpdesk
ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Team

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