Presenting the all new SupportCenter Plus 11.0 with billing contracts, request life cycle, live chat, and more

Presenting the all new SupportCenter Plus 11.0 with billing contracts, request life cycle, live chat, and more

SupportCenter Plus 11.0 is bringing you some exciting feature enhancements and new capabilities, such as billing contracts, field service management with the Google Maps and Zoho Maps integration, Live Chat, and Request Life Cycle.


Here's a sneak peek at the latest updates in SupportCenter Plus 11.0:

  • Billing contracts: Create flexible support plans, and charge your customers accordingly.

  • Portal (previously termed Business Units): Create and manage portals for all your business units with a single license.

  • Request Life Cycle: Bring organization and uniformity to the disarrayed ticket resolution process with a simple drag-and-drop life cycle builder.

  • Field service management: Manage support staff who are in the field, and provide hassle-free, on-site support.

  • Live Chat: Provide real-time customer support, and resolve issues faster.

  • User surveys: Collect user feedback to improve your customer support.


These new features and enhancements will help boost your support desk's performance and are a result of valuable feedback from customers like you.


Some other features and enhancements to look out for:

  • Revamped UI with a completely new look and feel

  • Revamped request list view with the ability to associate different colors to a request based on its status 

  • Take emergency notes easily while working on tickets using the Scribble pad

  • Upgraded security framework along with the removal of SupportCenter Plus' JBoss dependency and upgrade to PostgreSQL 10.5


View the complete list of new features and enhancements released in SupportCenter Plus 11.0.

Note: If you are an existing customer of SCP and are looking to upgrade with all your information intact, please note that SupportCenter Plus 11.0 has gone through a major technology-framework level overhaul and we are working on a service pack (PPM) to ensure seamless migration. We will notify you once the service pack is ready.

Since the new SupportCenter Plus 11.0 comes with a lot of new and highly useful features, from the maintenance point of view, if you want to start afresh with SupportCenter Plus 11.0, you can proceed with it.


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Aditya Oswal

The SupportCenter Plus team

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