[Blog] 4 Easy Ways To Boost Customer Satisfaction With IT ServiceDesk Software

[Blog] 4 Easy Ways To Boost Customer Satisfaction With IT ServiceDesk Software

Customer satisfaction is an often overlooked, but highly essential element of business growth. It’s simple: satisfied customers stick around longer and are more likely to cross-purchase and repurchase. They do display brand loyalty and typically increase the average amount they spend with your company. Unsatisfied customers leave you for a competitor. Measuring customer satisfaction is one of the first steps in improving the customer service of your company through ServiceDesk software. In order to cultivate an audience of happy and loyal customers, you need to understand the most effective ways to move the CSAT needle in the right direction. 

I have compiled six tips to help ensure that you are taking the right steps to boost your company’s CSAT score.

What is the CSAT?

Customer satisfaction(CSAT) is a measurement that helps businesses understand how happy and satisfied customers are with their products, services, and functionalities. Customer satisfaction is a crucial indicator of company health. If there are problems with your product or services, one of the first places you will see it reflected is in your customer satisfaction score. Customers are usually sent a short survey after an interaction with one or more technicians in the support team asking them to rate the help they received. The method of scoring can vary (with the most common being ranking service on a scale of 1-5 or Good/Bad). A low overall CSAT score indicates a problem with the current approach to customer service. Even if a team has a high CSAT score, there is usually still room for improvement. Improving customer satisfaction is an important part of your business to maintain or enhance your customer relationships. It reflects the degree to which you have managed to provide a customer experience that meets expectations.

Promote Self-Service Options:

The service portal connects customers to all of the available functions of the IT service desk and is powered by your Knowledge Base and IT Service Catalog. The purpose of the service portal is to enable customers to serve themselves. Give them all the resources they need to solve any issues they may be having. Rather than waiting for a reply or being put on hold, customers can get an answer right away with self-serve help content. The knowledge base is cost-effective and is also popular with customers — 78% of them expect a brand or organization to have an online SSP. Make it easy for your customers to find the help they need on their own. Not only is it the right thing to do for your customers, but it also leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Increase First Call Resolution(FCR) Rate: 

First Call Resolution (FCR) refers to the percentage of incoming ServiceDesk tickets that are resolved on the first attempt. There is no ongoing back and forth. When you resolve an issue on the first attempt, it allows your customers to get back to work and eliminates time-consuming back and forth conversations with the support team. Studies show that 83% of consumers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service. Thus FCR is another important metric for customer satisfaction.

Set Clear Expectations with Service Level Agreements:

SLAs are all about accountability for the level of service, as it is agreed upon by both those providing the service and those who are using it. SLAs specify the amount of time a customer should expect to wait for a response to a submitted ticket, how long they should expect to wait for a resolution, and so on. SLA not only sets expectations for the customer but for your support team as well. Just trying to meet the expectations laid out in your SLAs will not help in providing the best service or improving your CSAT. Aim to exceed those expectations every time. If your customers expect to wait four hours for a response, but you respond in 60 minutes, you can be sure that customer satisfaction will rise.


Provide Multichannel Support:

Multi-Channel Support is a set of two or more individual support channels that a ServiceDesk tool utilizes to communicate with its customers. Whenever customers have issues, they may try to contact you through various communication channels (like Phone, Email, Chat, Mobile App, and Self Service Portal) that are most convenient and comfortable at the moment. Using a ServiceDesk tool with multi-channel support, you can monitor every channel and be there when your customers need you. Multi-Channel Support strategies are able to deliver quick answers to customer queries, therefore, achieving a faster resolution time and improved customer satisfaction.


Improving customer service is about working smarter, not harder. Customer satisfaction isn’t the easiest metric to manage or measure, but there are steps your organization can take to make sure customers are getting the most out of the service desk. Satisfied customers trust your company, recommend you to their friends, and are a great source of constructive and positive insights on how you could be better.

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