[Blog] FCR's benefits in an organization

[Blog] FCR's benefits in an organization

FCR - "First Call Resolution" is a vital metric of an IT organization, some refer it as the Pulse Rate. FCR directly or indirectly reflects your organization's growth.

How does FCR work?
When a user lands in a situation that's new to him/her or he/she is unsure about the situation. The next step he reaches out to his colleagues/friends to discuss the situation or he calls to the product support, hoping for a solution. When the support executive understands the situation in the first place and provides an immediate fix, ( then he heads on closing the support ticket with any iterations ).
The user turns out to be a happy person. The happy user, in turn, shares his experience on a survey and rate's both product and Technician. 

A popular BPO based company had analyzed FCR's importance in organizations and provided the report that's for 10% improvements in FCR can improve  7 - 10% of customer satisfaction. They also found that average, customer satisfaction drops by 12 - 15% every time a customer has to call back about the same issue.  

How to Optimize Your First Call Resolution Rate:
  • Train your techs: Training is the most important step in achieving improved FCR. 
  • Periodically analyze FCR and Survey rating, see if the graph trends up, at times of dip analyze the root cause. 
  • Identify the best channel for support, see if it is Phone or Chat or Mail support. The general analysis says most customers feel comfortable discussing the issue over the phone. 
  • Track the FCR  trend to identify issues that are of lower FCR rates, resolve them. Fewer issues ensure better FCR rates.
  • Analyze customer contact behavior to anticipate their needs. Isolate the issues for which they frequently call and work on the solution.  
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