[Blog] The Principle component of a HelpDesk Tool

[Blog] The Principle component of a HelpDesk Tool

Nowadays there are plenty of Helpdesk tools available in the market, they come with a wide range of features. Organizations deploying the Helpdesk tool should know the key components of a tool. An increase in users and retaining them are a crucial part of an organization's success story's.  

Yes, It's always important to set the right focus and understand what exactly your customer needs. Popular research on best ITSM tools states building a perfect Knowledge Base takes 70% of your support team's burden. The knowledgebase is an Archive where a user or technician can instantly search for solutions/workarounds. 

What is KnowledgeBase?
KB is a structured repository, It generally contains a collection of data related to your product. The collective data can be in different forms like VideosArticlesBlogsFAQ's Etc. The KB's will be readily available for users, they can be accessed through online and users Self Service Portal

Most of the organization invest a huge amount on the helpdesk team to ensure customer satisfaction. We have come across a few statistics which indicate most of the users would prefer the knowledge base as their 1st point of approach for the issues. Only a small group of users, reach out to support directly on calls or chats or emails for their issues. 

When you have a strong Knowledgebase setup, most of the users would prefer to fix their incidents themself without reaching support ( No more long wait on support calls and No more long wait for the mail responses from the support team ) for sure customers will be empowered to find their own solutions, feel accomplished, and appreciate your effort to make things as easy as possible. The organization can prioritize its primary focus on KBs, based on customer feedback they can cut down the investments on the support team and further focus more on KBs.

Some pointers to build an effective KnowledgeBase
  • Articles should be easily understandable by all users.
  • Articles should be well maintained in a structure.
  • Articles should be instantly useful for both support agents and users.
  • More articles could be generated for tickets, which are repeatedly raised as tickets.  
  • Ensure the right focus on the core elements of your knowledge base.
  • The best search tool should be integrated with your knowledge base, which provides accurate results. 
  • Keep an eye on the quality of the content and make sure they are updated periodically.
  • You can promote your KB article through multiple helpdesk channels (mail, chat, etc).
  • It is good to have a survey tool closely tied with your KB, with user feedbacks you can fine-tune the KB contents.  
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