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            Upgrade issue in build 3200

            Upgrade issue in build 3200

            The below cases were identified in local system and couple of customer's system during 3200 upgrade.

            Issue 1: PGSQL migration fails:

            Since this upgrade will upgrade pgsql version, pgsql has its own upgrade prior to application upgrade. In some cases, it would thow error during data migration. The error could be related to shared memory used by pgsql during migration.


            After it failes, check <Aplus home>\logs\pgupgradelogs_XXXXXXXXXXXX\_pgupgrade\pg_upgrade_internal.log

            It might have some failure information in it like below.

              pg_upgrade run on Mon Aug 28 20:44:34 2017

              pg_upgrade run on Mon Aug 28 20:44:34 2017

            Performing Consistency Checks
            Checking cluster versions                                   ok
            Checking database user is the install user                  ok
            Checking database connection settings                       ok
            Checking for prepared transactions                          ok
            Checking for reg* system OID user data types                ok
            Checking for contrib/isn with bigint-passing mismatch       ok
            Checking for roles starting with 'pg_'                      ok
            Creating dump of global objects                             ok
            Creating dump of database schemas

            Consult the last few lines of "pg_upgrade_dump_16384.log" for
            the probable cause of the failure.

            Consult the last few lines of "pg_upgrade_dump_24668.log" for
            the probable cause of the failure.
            Check the mentioned log file under the same folder mentioned above.
            pg_dump: WARNING: out of shared memory
            pg_dump: [archiver (db)] query failed: ERROR:  out of shared memory
            HINT: You might need to increase max_locks_per_transaction.
            pg_dump: [archiver (db)] query was: SELECT (SELECT amname FROM pg_catalog.pg_am WHERE oid = opfmethod) AS amname FROM pg_catalog.pg_opfamily WHERE oid = '16454'::pg_catalog.oid
            command: "D:\ManageEngine\AnalyticsPlus\.\pgsql\bin/pg_dump" --port 50432 --username ^"postgres^" --schema-only --quote-all-identifiers --binary-upgrade --format=custom  --file="pg_upgrade_dump_16384.custom" ^"dbname^=sldb^" >> "pg_upgrade_dump_16384.log" 2>&1


            1. Edit file postgresql.conf present under D:\ManageEngine\AnalyticsPlus\pgsql\data
            2. Look for "#max_locks_per_transaction = 64"
            3. Uncomment it and change the value to 128 (ex: max_locks_per_transaction = 128)
            4. Save the file and restart the upgrade

            Note: If still fails at the same location, increase it to 256


            Issue 2: APM integrated old instances.: Throws error in Application upgrade. Accounts module will not start.


            We just need to check if it is initially integrated before 3050. Simply run this query under zreportsdb to check if any empty values seen.

            select * from apmdbinfo;

            Table: apmdbinfo under zreportdb

            In this table if any entry is having empty values for buildnumber then it is an issue.

            1. Revert back the failure
            2. Update the apmdbinfo table with some old APM build number in the empty columns
            3. Restart the 3200 Upgrade

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