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            PPM Error : Problem encountered while performing database backup and restore

            The PPM may fails due to two reasons

                  1. Access Permission
                  2. DB Corruption

            Step 1: "Access Permission".
                  Access denied to write in hard drive like (c:),

                        Ask him to follow the steps below
            1. Go To OpUtils installed directory/OpUtils/firebird/ and check whether Restored_OpUtilsDB.fdb is created
            2. If Restored_OpUtilsDB.fdb is created then follow the steps below otherwise follow Step 2
            3. Rename OpUtils/firebird/OpUtilsDB.fdb to OpUtilsDB_old.fdb
            4. Rename OpUtils/firebird/Restored_OpUtilsDB.fdb to OpUtilsDB.fdb
            5. Again try applying ppm
            6. Note: No Need to follow Step 2
            Step 2: DB Corruption
            1. Stop Firebird server. Copy the OpUtilsDB.fdb from Oputils/firebird/ directory to some other place for backup
            2. Take and keep a original copy of Firebird database for possible future use.
            3. Copy the firebird database OpUtilsDB.fdb from Oputils/firebird/ directory to Oputils/firebird/bin directory
            4. Rename the database OpUtilsDB.fdb to OpUtilsDB.fdb_1 which is under Oputils/firebird/directory
            5. Start OpUtils server
            6. Open command Prombt and go to Oputils/firebird/bin directory:
                 gfix.exe -v -full -user SYSDBA -pass masterkey .\OpUtilsdb.fdb
                 gfix.exe -mend -user SYSDBA -pass masterkey .\OpUtilsdb.fdb
                 gbak -b -v -user SYSDBA -pass masterkey .\OpUtilsdb.fdb .\OpUtilsdb.fbk
              Try to run them all, even if gfix shows errors.
            7. If backup(Back up file name is OpUtilsdb.fbk it will be created by running the above steps) completed successfully, restore database:
                gbak -c -v -user SYSDBA -pass masterkey .\OpUtilsdb.fbk .\OpUtilsdb_new.fdb
            8. Now Go to Oputils/firebird/ directory rename the OpUtilsdb.fdb file to OpUtilsdb.fdb_2
            9. Move the OpUtilsdb_new.fdb from Oputils/firebird/bin directory to Oputils/firebird/ directory
            10. Delete all files under logs folder 
            11. Try to upgrade to 61000 build
            12. If issue occurs ask him to upload his DB Backup file along with current DB to analyze further.
            Updated: 14 Nov 2016 11:03 PM
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