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            NFA Password reset for pgsql database till version 11001

            Kindly follow steps as given below to reset the password.

            Note : Make sure that NetFlow Analyzer Service is running before following the below steps

            1. Open a command prompt

            2. Go to the <NETFLOW_HOME>\pgsql\bin directory

            3. Type
            For Windows    :   psql -U postgres -p 13310 -h -d netflow
            For Linux        :   ./psql -U postgres -p 13310 -h -d netflow

            4. Execute the following query:

            update AaaPassword set PASSWORD='Ok6/FqR5WtJY5UCLrnvjQQ==', SALT='12345678' from AaaLogin,AaaAccount,AaaAccPassword where AaaLogin.LOGIN_ID = AaaAccount.LOGIN_ID and AaaAccount.ACCOUNT_ID = AaaAccPassword.ACCOUNT_ID and AaaPassword.PASSWORD_ID = AaaAccPassword.PASSWORD_ID and AaaLogin.NAME = 'admin';

            6. Type quit to quit pssql

            7. Type exit to exit command prompt

            8. Login as admin / admin. You can change the password again if you wish
            Updated: 01 Dec 2017 03:31 PM
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