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            OpUtils Database Migration from Firebird to MSSql

            Here are the steps for the Firebird to Mssql DB migration:
            1. Stop OpUtils Service

            2. Take a complete OpUtils Folder backup and save it on different location .

            3. Go to OpUtils\conf dir

            4. Open mssql_dbm_params.conf ile and mention SQL server name and authentication and save it.

            5. Open command prompt and go to OpUtils\bin directory

            6. Ensure the SQL server is running

            7. Execute OpUtilsDBMigration.bat file as below
              OpUtilsDBMigration.bat mssql

            8. Start OpUtils Service

            mssql_dbm_params.conf property file 
            username=<Enter User Name>
            # Eg.

            # password for the db can be specified here
            password=<Enter Password>
            # Eg.

            url=jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://<Enter Server Name>:<Enter Port Number>/OpUtilsDB
            # Eg.

            # For named instance, append "/instance=<Enter Instance>" at the end
            # Eg.

            # For windows authentication, append "/Domain=<Enter Domain Name>" at the end

            # For named instance with windows authentication, append "/instance=<Enter Instance>/Domain=<Enter Domain Name>" at the end


            Updated: 07 Nov 2018 10:06 PM
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