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            How To convert the Temperature Value from Celsius to Fahrenheit?


            How to convert  Cisco 2800 Temperature value from Celsius to Fahrenheit.


            This is the default OID of Cisco Temperature in Celsius (

            Formula to convert the value from Celsius to Fahrenheit : 

            Fahrenheit = 9/5 * Celcius + 32

            Connect to the OpManager Database (If MSSQL -- connect to the MSSQL studio), 

            For MYSQL & PGSQL follow the steps listed in the below KB to connect to Database.


            The steps followed are common for both MYSQL, PGSQL and MSSQL,
            1. Select * from graphdetails where graphname like'%CiscoTemperature%';  (Note the GraphID from this query output)
            2. Select * from polldatatemplate where graphid=213; (check the polldatatemplate table filtering with the GraphID)
            3. This is how the formula to be substituted on the OID column of polldatatemplate 
                    update polldatatemplate set OID='(9/5)*(.' where graphid=213;

            Now remove and re-add the Cisco Temperature monitor associated to the device, so that it applies formula of Fahrenheit.

            Now the Cisco Temperature is monitored in Fahrenheit.
            Updated: 13 Oct 2016 12:25 PM
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