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            FWA Upgrade from 8000 to higher

            Note: Please stop the FWA service and take the entire backup of <FWA Home> folder.

            Please follow the steps given below to upgrade from build 8000 to build 8110.

            Step 1:
            • Login to your Firewall Analyzer web-client
            • Click the 'About' link from the top right corner under 'Help' link
            • Note down the Build Number, Build Type, Database of your current installation
            • Shutdown/Stop the Firewall Analyzer server/service
            Step 2:
            • Open a command prompt and go to the installation folder <Firewall Analyzer Home>/jre/bin
            • Execute a command to identify the current JRE version of Firewall Analyzer like below,
              • D:\ManageEngine\Firewall\jre\bin>.\java.exe   -version
            • Note down the displayed java version value (1.5.0_11 or 1.6.0_18)

            Upgrade: (Applicable only when the 
            java version is 1.5.0_11)
            1. Open a Windows Explorer/Command prompt and go to the installation folder of Firewall Analyzer i.e., C:\\ManageEngine\Firewall
            2. Rename the existing <Firewall Analyzer Home>\jre folder to 'jre_1_5_11'
            3. Download the respective JRE_1.6 zip file from the below URLs as per the 'Build Type' specific to Windows/Linux and save the file at <Firewall Analyzer Home> folder.
            4. Unzip/Extract the downloaded zip file and you will get a new '<Firewall Analyzer Home>/jre' folder.
            In case of '
            Firewall Analyzer Distributed Edition' if the java version is 1.5.0_11, you should follow the JRE upgrade steps in each Collector & Admin Server separately before you start applying the service pack in 'Admin Server' of Firewall Analyzer.

            Service Pack Upgrade:
            1. Download and save the below Service Pack in the Firewall Analyzer server machine,


            1. Open a command prompt (run as Administrator) and execute Updatemanager.bat ( for Linux) from <Firewall Analyzer Home>\bin directory
            2. Click 'Browse' and 'Install' the above saved service pack.

            Note: Once the upgrade is successfully completed, please run Firewall Analyzer for some time and then you may proceed for the next upgrade.

            Service Pack to upgrade from 8100/8110 to 8300:


            Service Pack to upgrade from 8300 to 8500:


            *You can raise a new request from this link, to upgrade from build 8500 to version 12200.

            Updated: 27 Apr 2017 05:37 PM
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