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            Device discovered as unknown even through configured with SNMP credential in OpManager


            Device discovered as unknown even after adding the SNMP read community.


            The device may not be configured properly with SNMP or  OpManager is not configured properly with device SNMP community.


            You may check for the following:

            1. SNMP Read community  is case-sensitive. Verify if you have discovered the device with the correct SNMP community string.

            2. Windows Firewall (Internet Connection & Sharing ) service [or any other software firewall] should be disabled. If the firewall is On, you may provide an exception to SNMP port 161.

            3. Right Click and select Properties under Control Panel ->Administrative Tools -> Services -> SNMP. From the SNMP Properties dialog box, select the Security Tab. Click Add under Accepted Community names and provide a community string with Read-Only access. Make sure you have select the option "Accept SNMP packets from anyhost". In case you select the other option, Accept SNMP packets from these hosts, ensure that you have provided the IP address of OpManager Server. Apply the changes and restart the service.
            Updated: 08 Sep 2014 09:18 AM
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