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            Admin Password Reset for NetFlow Analzer with database MSSQL till build 11001

            1. Open the Management Studio on the MSSQL server
            2. Select the netFlow database. Right click on netflow database and click on New Query
            3. Execute the following query

            update AaaPassword set PASSWORD='Ok6/FqR5WtJY5UCLrnvjQQ==', SALT='12345678' from AaaLogin,AaaAccount,AaaAccPassword where AaaLogin.LOGIN_ID = AaaAccount.LOGIN_ID and AaaAccount.ACCOUNT_ID = AaaAccPassword.ACCOUNT_ID and AaaPassword.PASSWORD_ID = AaaAccPassword.PASSWORD_ID and AaaLogin.NAME = 'admin';

            4. The above query will reset the user name and password to "admin"

            When you change the password again make sure that, the password should be of minimum 6 characters and maximum of 10 characters with out any special character in it.

            Updated: 01 Dec 2017 03:32 PM
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