Unauthorized Access CSV Report for Users Not Present in the Application

Unauthorized Access CSV Report for Users Not Present in the Application

Report Details:
Currently, the application has not been recording data regarding login attempts when the username used is not available in the application.
  1. This report will store the login attempts with usernames who do not exist in the application.
  2.  The report will be generated in the "<SDP_Home>/logs" directory with the filename "Unauthorized_Login_Attempt.csv," and this CSV file will include columns for "LoginName", "IP Address" and "Login Attempt Time".
Steps to generate the report:
Please apply the attached .fjar file, which will generate the report and save it to the mentioned directory.

1. Before applying the .fjar file, kindly verify its compatibility in the "Jar Compatibility" section below.
2. Please avoid keeping the CSV file open continuously, as the application is unable to write the next invalid user login attempt data when the CSV file is open. 
3. An advisable approach is that copying the CSV from the report generated directory to a preferred location before proceeding to open the CSV.
4. This is a temporary workaround. Please watch for this feature ID SDF-114357 in SDP readme, We will roll out permanently in any one of our upcoming releases.

Steps to apply the .fjar:
1. Download the attached .fjar file.
2. Click here for steps to apply the .fjar file.
3. Restart the application service.
4. Verify whether the report is generated by attempting a login with a username that does not exist in the application.
5. Reach us in case of any issue.

Jar Compatibility

Compatible Jar

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