Webpage Analyzer - Troubleshooting

Webpage Analyzer - Troubleshooting


  • Web page which the customer wants to monitor should be accessible from the server where Applications Manager is installed.
  • Check if the customer has configured any proxy to access that particular URL
    • If yes, then the same proxy must be configured in Applications Manager too
  • If there are any request headers, request parameters are required, then they should be configured appropriately.


1. Not able to add monitor

  1. Check if the prerequisites are configured properly.
  2. Refer here to know more about the issue.

2. "Kindly install all add-ons to get data in Network Log,Resource Details and PageSpeed Insights tab"

  1. Download add-ons required for data collection and place it under <APM home>/working folder.   
    1. If the user still receives the same error message, verify if user has downloaded desired add-on for the corresponding OS type
    2. Verify if add-ons are placed correctly as mentioned in prerequisites for Webpage Analyzer.
  2. Wait for 2-3 data collections and check if the same error message is shown.

3. "Data collection failed : Unable to setup browser for data collection"

  1. Open terminal from <APM home>/working/wpaAddons/Browser/Mozilla Firefox directory.
  2. Launch Firefox from terminal and check if the browser launches successfully.
    1. If it returns an error, library not found install those library and try launching Firefox again. Sample error :
      1. ./firefox: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.17' not found (required by ./firefox)
      2. Above error can be fixed by installing GLIBC_217 library.
    2. If it shows "Permission denied" then
      1. Provide executable permission to all the users by using the below command
        chmod a+x ./firefox
      2. Go to <APM home>/working/wpaAddons/GeckoDriver give executable permission for geckodriver to all users by running the command
        chmod a+x ./geckodriver
    3. Wait for 2-3 data collections and check for the issue.

4. "Data Collection Interrupted"

  1. Wait for 2-3 data collections and check if issue still persists.
  2. Issue usually occurs when data collection for all Webpage Analyzer monitor happens in parallel. Since during each poll Firefox launches in headless mode and data collection happens, maintain an minimum poll interval between all Webpage Analyzer monitors.

5. "No data available" error message in Pagespeed Insights tab.

            Refer here to find the solution.

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