Troubleshooting - Elasticsearch

Troubleshooting - Elasticsearch

  • Details of the 'Master node' or 'Data node' of the Elasticsearch cluster should be provided to add all the sub nodes in the cluster, since only they contain the details of all the nodes in the cluster
  • Particular URL of the node (http://[HOST]:[PORT]/) should be accessible from the machine where APM is installed.
APIs used for datacollection:
  • http://[HOST]:[PORT]/_cluster/stats?filter_path=cluster_name
  • http://[HOST]:[PORT]/_cluster/health
  • http://[HOST]:[PORT]/_cluster/stats?filter_path=status,indices.count,
  • http://[HOST]:[PORT]/_nodes/http?filter_path=nodes.*.http_address,nodes.*.name
  • http://[HOST]:[PORT]/_cat/master
  • http://[HOST]:[PORT]/_cat/nodes?h=ip,role,master
  • http://[HOST]:[PORT]/_stats?
  • http://[HOST]:[PORT]/_cluster/stats?filter_path=nodes.count

  • http://[HOST]:[PORT]/_nodes
  • http://[HOST]:[PORT]/_nodes/[MASTER_NODE_IP]/attributes?filter_path=nodes.*.transport_address,nodes.*.http_address
  • http://[HOST]:[PORT]/_nodes/[IP_OF_INDIVIDUAL_NODE]
  • http://[HOST]:[PORT]/_nodes/[IP_OF_INDIVIDUAL_NODE]/stats

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