Troubleshoot "Trust this browser" in TFA

Troubleshoot "Trust this browser" in TFA


TFA details need to be entered every time (after closing and opening browser / after reaching home or office / when IP changes) even if Trust this browser in enabled.


1. Check if "ADSTFA_xxxx" cookie is present on browser close and open: 
  1. After logging in with Trust the browser, right click and click Inspect and choose Application tab > Cookies
  2. Click on the SDP URL and check for the presence of ADSTFA_xxxx cookie

  1. Now, close all windows of your browser and open SDP and check if this cookie is present. If the cookie is not present, kindly follow this KB:
  2. If this is present, then go to step 2.

2. Check if cookie is removed when your IP changes.
  1. For versions below 14201, DHCP cases are not supported (SD-102970)
  2. Kindly upgrade to versions above 14201 to retain "keep me signed in" even if your IP changes.
  3. If you are above 14201 and still your issue is not resolved, please contact us.

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