No Data in SAP Server monitor/ Unable to add SAP monitor

No Data in SAP Server monitor/ Unable to add SAP monitor

In Appmanager_home/logs/nms/stdout.txt , the error message "SAPDataCollector : Host information not found for server" is found.

Add entry for IP Address and SAP Instance name in etc/hosts file of Applications Manager server and wait for couple of polls. 
For Example, If IP Address of SAP instance 'saperpdev' is '', then below entry should be added in etc/hosts file: saperpdev

SAP Monitor is not getting added as a monitor in Applications Manager.

1. Execute the SAPDebug.bat/sh file. (To know how, refer this KB)
2. Examine the output:
If you find the following error:
UnsupportedClassVersionError: com/sap/conn/jco/JCoException : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0


It might mean that you aren't using the right SAP connector.
3. Download and install the correct version of SAP connector:
If you are using APM Version above 14270V, then SAP Connector 3.1 should be used (since APM supports JRE 8)
If you are using APM Version below 14270, then SAP Connector 3.0.x should be used ( since APM supports JRE 7)

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