How to execute SAP Debug script

How to execute SAP Debug script

1. Steps to execute troubleshooting script SAPDebug.bat/sh:
  1. Open command prompt/terminal with administrator privileges.
  2. Navigate to <AppManager_home>\bin\troubleshooting folder.
  3. Execute the script file SAPDebug.bat or
SAPDebug.bat  [HostName/IP] [System number] [Client] [Username] [Password]
Optional: [Language]
Optional: [Router string] - Language is mandatory, if Router String is needed.

[HostName/IP] - SAP Instance name
[System number] - Instance Number
[Client] - Logon Client Number
[Username] - SAP Logon User
[Password] - Password
[Language] - Language(Optional). Default 'EN' 
[Router string] - Router String. 
Note: The usage is same for file as well.

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