Microsoft Azure VM (Windows) - Powershell Remoting Failure

Microsoft Azure VM (Windows) - Powershell Remoting Failure

To resolve the issue, follow the steps given below:

Go to Monitor Actions -> Edit Monitor page and check if Enable Guest OS Monitoring option is enabled. Verify if the Username and Password are correct.

Verify whether all the prerequisites are done as mentioned in the below link:

Try running the PowerShell script and get the output by following the below steps:
  1. Open a new admin PowerShell window.
  2. Navigate to <Applications Manager Home>\working\conf\application\scripts\powershell directory.
  3. Execute the below command by replacing it with the Name, Username, Password, and Public IP Address of the VM.
    .\AzureVM_Counters.ps1 'VMName' 'Username' 'Password' 'Public-IP' '' 'true' ''
  4. Get the output and copy it to a text file.
Reach out to our support team with the screenshots of the prerequisites done and text file containing the output to along with the latest Support Information File (SIF) from Applications Manager with print all logs enabled for analysis.

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