Mail fetching failure when incoming mail contains delimiter of module other than Request & change and Unsupported Release module

Mail fetching failure when incoming mail contains delimiter of module other than Request & change and Unsupported Release module

When processing a incoming mail that contains a delimiter of module other than Request & change and the License applied in the environment that doesn't have access to Release module, then the following mail fetching failure issue will occur.

Reference Traces :
  1. [14:23:32:678]|[12-28-2023]|[com.manageengine.servicedesk.v3api.utils.AttachmentAPIUtil]|[SEVERE]|[532]: Unexpected error occurred in attachment handling| 
  2. com.manageengine.sdpod.v3api.SDPAPIException
  3. at com.manageengine.sdpod.v3api.handler.AbstractEntityHandler.checkLicenseRestrictions(
  4. at com.manageengine.sdpod.v3api.handler.AbstractEntityHandler.handleAPICall(

Cause of this Issue : 
      During mail fetching, if the incoming mail has attachments, module for the APIRequest is identified. In that process, If the incoming mail has no delimiter or Request delimiter or Change delimiter, APIRequest module is considered as Release. This is what the root cause for this issue. 
      Since the customer environment do not have license to Release module, the above exception will be thrown, which inturn result in mail fetching failure.

Resolution :
  1. We can resolve this issue by considering Request as the default APIRequest module, which can be achieved with the attached fjar. Refer here to know how to apply fjar.
  2. We have considered this as an issue and it will be fixed in our upcoming releases. (Refer Notes section for Issue id)
  1. Issue Id to be released in 14730 : SD-117884
  2. Fjar compatible versions
    1. Build Version
      Compatible fjar name

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