Mail Fetching Stopped Due to Inline Image Handling

Mail Fetching Stopped Due to Inline Image Handling

Issue Cause :

      While fetching a mail, in certain mail servers, cid of inline image is not parsed correctly. Once inline stream is converted to image, cid in src attr will be replaced with image url. cid for uploaded inline image in mail content is not same as in CidVsFileName map which results  in issue forming  CidVsFileName map in mail layer.
The "Content-ID" header of the mail isn't sent by the mail server for such mails. Due to this, API error occurs while adding request / conversation with inline images.
This issue will be released in build 14610 ( SD-114787 for your reference ).

Log Trace :

Notification is being notified. Please check it ...|
[13:29:50:029]|[12-27-2022]|[com.manageengine.sdpod.v3api.message.EntityMessages]|[SEVERE]|[721]: Unknown Error in v3 api| 
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "1916Image16721522515420"
at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(
at java.lang.Long.parseLong(
at java.lang.Long.valueOf(
at com.manageengine.servicedesk.v3api.utils.InlineImageUtil.getMediaIdFromMediaUrl(
at com.manageengine.servicedesk.v3api.utils.InlineImageUtil.handleHTMLContent(
at com.manageengine.sdpod.v3api.handlerimpl.DefaultEntityHandler.processInlineMediaFiles(


      The fix for the issue has been attached with this article. Check the "Jar Compatibility" section to download the appropriate fix jar file (.fjar file) to resolve this. Check this link on how to apply the fjar file ?

How we fixed:

      If the "Content-ID" header for the inline image part isn't returned by the mail server, that particular inlineimage is added as attachment to the request / conversation. In description, empty box will be present in the place of image when the inline image is added as attachment.

      To acknowledge that the applied fjar is fixing the issue, a notification will be sent to the "Technicians" configured under "Send e-mail when an Application Error Occurs" notification rule (The rule needs to be enabled) for every mail that face this issue. 

      Find the below screenshot for the sample notification. The notification contains basic information of the mail along with the entity details (The mail gets created as new request / conversation to request / change / release ).

Issue isn't resolved (?)
      If issue isn't resolved after applying the fjar, reach our support ( with the above mail (as .eml attachment) along with the logs folder. If the size of logs folder exceeds attachment size, create a ticket with the support and follow the below steps.

2. Select the product as "ServiceDesk Plus" and ticket number as the one created.
3. Upload the logs zip.

JAR Compatibility

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