Inline images missing in the sent mails when using EWS as outgoing after upgrade to 14100 build or above

Inline images missing in the sent mails when using EWS as outgoing after upgrade to 14100 build or above


      After upgrading to 14100+ build, the inline images in the sent mails are missing for the mails' recipients. This happens when EWS is configured in Outgoing settings and Network path (non-default path) is configured as "Attachment Path" in the application.

The inline images aren't fetched from the non-default attachment path and this is the cause for this issue. This works fine when SMTP/SMTPS is configured in the outgoing settings.

Log trace:

[13:45:47:375]|[01-10-2023]|[com.adventnet.servicedesk.notification.util.NotificationFactory]|[INFO]|[68650]: debug : The mentioned inline image does not exist in respective directory :: ..\mediaFiles\request_notification\Jan2023\10\b758e04d27b24c6783ea25428326c7be.png


     The fix is to construct proper inline image file path when they are stored in non-default attachment path while sending mails using EWS. Check the "Jar Compatibility" section to download the appropriate fix jar file (.fjar file) to resolve this. Check this link on steps to apply the fjar file.

Note: The issue id for this issue is SD-107908. Please watch the product readme to know its release.

JAR Compatibility

Build No
File Name

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