How to restrict automatic association of technicians to an account / sites ?

How to restrict automatic association of technicians to an account / sites ?

This article is applicable from 10600 builds.

Scenario  - At times the technicians will see extra Accounts / Sites in their login. 

Below is the reason and its solution :

-> While creating an account, a common site will be automatically created by default by the application. (Site name as Common Site - refer to Sites section). This Common Site will be created using Refer Default settings(refer image 2). You can edit the Site (or during creation) to know this.

Example : Below image list only the Sites under the specific account. To view all list sites, goto Admin -> Sites.

Image 2 :

-> Now the technician's who are associated with Not Associated to any site (refer image 3: below)  or if the technician is enabled with default settings option , those technicians can see this kind of Refer sites (and its Accounts) automatically.

To avoid this :

1) To restrict access / restrict automatic association -> edit the respective technician and in the Associated site field, Disable or uncheck this site -> "Not Associated to any site" (refer image 3)

image 3:

You can see the below options while creating / editing the technician

By doing this the sites with Refer default settings wont be automatically mapped with the technicians.

2. You can create the site as Custom Settings or Copy settings.

PS : You can go through this link to know more about the advantages of Copy Settings, Refer and Custom Settings. 

Copy settings feature removed post 14.5 version

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