How to migrate data from SDP MSP to SDP ?

How to migrate data from SDP MSP to SDP ?

Below are the only details which can be exported from SDP MSP and imported to SDP application.

1) You can export request data from ServiceDesk Plus MSP (SDP MSP) using XLS format.

Requests -> Goto Admin -> Reports -> New custom report -> Tabular reports -> All requests -> Proceed to Report wizard
Select the Available columns and choose needed data and dates from Filter options and run the report.
Now you can export the data into a XLS format.
Please note conversations , Notes , attachments cannot be exported.
SLA , Business rules, admin configurations and other automations , scripts needs to be recreated.

2) Solutions can be exported using the below article.

3) Assets needs to be scanned again from SDP separately.
As its a new scan, in case if any of your existing tickets is associated with assets , then the mapping will not be available.

4) Assets - Contracts can be imported using CSV from contracts tab.

5) Requesters can be exported using the below article

or if you have Active directory , use the same and import users. Refer here for more details.

6) Contracts can be exported using Custom report and import it from SDP user interface.
Basic details can be imported.

Exporting Category,Subcategory,Item 

Execute the below query from Reports -> New Query :

select cd.CATEGORYNAME "Category", scd.NAME "Subcategory", icd.NAME "Item" from (  (select * from categorydefinition where categorydefinition.isdeleted=false) cd left join (select * from subcategorydefinition where subcategorydefinition.isdeleted=false) scd on cd.categoryid=scd.categoryid left join (select * from itemdefinition where itemdefinition.isdeleted=false) icd on icd.subcategoryid=scd.subcategoryid )

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