How to integrate ADManager Plus with Zoho CRM

How to integrate ADManager Plus with Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM is a comprehensive and cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software which is designed to help businesses of all sizes manage their customer interactions, streamline sales processes, and improve customer relationships. ADManager Plus can be integrated with Zoho CRM to seamlessly manage the entire lifecycle of your sales and customer relations team. With ADManager Plus,  you can start managing updates to Zoho CRM user accounts in AD, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, automate the routine activities like moving users across groups and access relevant reports from a single console.

Actions supported

You can automate the below listed actions in ADManager Plus.

  • Create user accounts

  • Add users to groups

  • Modify user attributes

  • Remove users from groups

  • Modify user accounts by Template

  • Create mailbox

  • Reset passwords

  • Disable or delete mailbox

  • Unlock user accounts

  • Move Home Folder

  • Enable user accounts

  • Delete Home Folder

  • Disable user accounts

  • Revoke Microsoft 365 licenses

  • Delete user accounts

  • Manage users' photos

  • Run custom scripts

  • Disable Lync accounts

  • Move users across groups

  • Configure auto reply settings

Steps to integrate ADManager Plus with Zoho CRM

  1. Log in to ADManager Plus.

  1. Navigate to the Automation tab and click Application Integrations.

  1. Under Enterprise Applications, click the Zoho CRM tile.

  1. Toggle the Enable Zoho CRM configuration button to use the Zoho CRM integration.

  1. Basic details under the Authorization tab are pre-filled. You only have to fill in the Client ID and Client Secret fields after you create an application in the Zoho API console and obtain the Client ID and Client Secret.

  1. Copy the pre-filled Callback URL to clipboard, so that it can be used during registering your application in the Zoho API console.The steps to obtain the Client ID and Client Secret can be found here.

      7. Under Zoho CRM Endpoint configuration, the pre-populated configuration values in fields such as Method, Headers,       Parameters, etc. retrieves all user information using the Repeat calling this endpoint option, where a maximum of 25 task details per API call are fetched till the value in the endpoint is users. For more details refer to this API documentation.

8. Click Test and Save.

            9. On successful configuration, the structure of the response data will be displayed. Now, click Proceed.

10. Finally, under the section Data Source- LDAP attribute mapping map the LDAP attributes with the appropriate Zoho CRM attributes. 

11. Click Save.

 Steps to obtain the Zoho CRM Client ID and Client Secret

  1. To begin, visit Zoho API console.

  1. Click GET STARTED and choose Server-based Applications.

  1. In the subsequent window that pops up, fill in the Client Name and Homepage URL. In the Authorized Redirect URIs field, paste the redirect URL or the Callback URL you copied from ADManager Plus. Now click CREATE to find the Client ID and Client Secret, and add them under Authorization details in ADManager Plus.

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