Fix for Attachment being dropped in 14501 series

Fix for Attachment being dropped in 14501 series


      Due to special characters in the attachment, the attachment from mails are getting dropped.


      1. The special characters in the attachment are replaced with "_" character. (Fixed in 14505 build. SD-113853)
      2. Even then if the attachment name fails the validation, we will generate a random filename for attachment and save it

Steps to apply the fix:

1. Download the fjar file compatible to your build version. Check the compatibility in the below table.
2. Click here on steps to apply the fjar file.
3. Restart the application service.
4. Check for the issue.
5. If the issue occurs, immediately zip the logs (<server_home>\logs folder. For eg: C:\Program Files\ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\logs folder) and share it with us for analysis. If the size of the log file is huge, you can send it to us using our FTP link Select the product as "ServiceDesk Plus" and provide the proper ticket number.

Compatible Fjar files:

Compatible fjar file name

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