Fix: For #8520684

Fix: For #8520684

Note: Fix given only for the above ticket and it is compatible with 14200 build. This KB isn't intended for any other customer. If you face similar issue, kindly reach us at
      Can't able to configure Exchange Online mailbox in SDP using Basic authentication. Reason, SDP stops the migration if basic authentication is configured for Office365 mailboxes. This has done in align with MS stopping connection to Exchange Online mailboxes using Basic authentication. However, the customer in the above ticket has obtained exclusion from MS to connect using Basic authentication and they aren't able to configure Exchange Online mailbox in SDP.

      Once migrated to 14000 build, users can configure Office365 mailbox using the following steps.

1. Go to application folder and navigate to "webapps/ROOT/scripts/" folder. Take a backup of "servicedesk.js" file and move it out of the product folder.
2. Download the attached "" file and extract it to get "servicedesk.js" file. Place it in the above "webapps/ROOT/scripts/" folder.
3. Download the attached "14200_8520684.fjar" file and apply it. Click here on steps to apply the fjar file.
4. Restart the application service once after following the above steps.
5. Try to configure Office365 mailbox using basic authentication.

      If you face any issues, kindly share us the logs. If the size of the log file is huge, you can zip us the logs folder and send it to us using our FTP link Select the product as "ServiceDesk Plus" and ticket number as 8520684.

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