Fix - Add conversation only based on id in the subject

Fix - Add conversation only based on id in the subject


Recently, many customer have asking for a requirement to add conversation to request only when the request id is present in the subject of the mail in the desired format. Meaning, conversation addition shouldn't add based on mail headers like 'InReplyTo' or 'References' headers.

How to achieve this?

1. Execute the below queries in the application database (How to connect to database? -

1. update globalconfig set paramvalue='false' where category like '%EMAIL_PROCESSING%' and parameter like '%AppendOnRequestReferences%';

2. update mailconfig set paramvalue='false' where category like '%EMAIL_PROCESSING%' and parameter like '%CHECK_REFERENCES_AGAINST_NOTIFICATION%';
Both the queries are to disable the conversation addition based on "References" mail header.

2. After executing the above queries, kindly place the attached fjar file (check the below table for your build's compatible fjar file) under <server_home>\fixes\ directory (For eg. If the application is installed in C:\Program Files\ManageEngine\ServiceDesk, then create a new folder with name as "fixes" (case sensitive) and place the fjar file under the "fixes" folder)
3. Restart the application service once.
4. Wait for the issue to reoccur. 
5. If it re-occurred, kindly share us the logs for analysis (You can use our FTP link to upload -> Mention the product as "ServiceDesk Plus" and ticket id as <your_ticket_id>)

Compatible Fjar files:

Compatible fjar file name

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