Debug and workaround for the ticket #8650142 & #8711487

Debug and workaround for the ticket #8650142 & #8711487


      The mail fetching schedule thread might have went unresponsive. During mail fetching task checker, it identifies this and delete the existing schedule entries from DB and create a new one. However, the newly created one can't fetch mails as the entry in "runningSchedules" map haven't cleared. So, the newly created one is put in waiting state till the first one removes the entry from the map. Meanwhile, in another 30 mins, the checker thread identifies the delay and creates a new one again. This happens in a loop and no mails were fetched into the application.


     Sufficient logs weren't available to identify the root cause for this. So, we have come up with a temporary workaround. With this, mail fetching shouldn't stop as well we have added debug prints to identify the RCA for this.

1. Download the attached fjar file based on your build version.
2. Click here on steps to apply the fjar file.
3. Currently, the log files are overwritten in every 2 minutes. So, we have modified the file to increase the number of serverout log files from 50 to 350. Go to application server "<server_home>/conf/" folder. Backup the file already present. Download the attached file (check the compatible file according to your build version) and place it in the "<server_home>/conf/" folder.
4. Once above steps were followed, restart the application service once.
5. If the checker schedule starts a new mail fetching schedule, a notification will be sent to the technicians configured under "Application error" notification rule. Find the image below for a sample notification.

So, configure yourselves and other required technicians in the above notification rule.

6. Once the configured technicians received this notification, kindly share such notification mail as ".eml" file and immediately zip the entire logs folder. Share us the logs zip file for analysis. If the size of the log file is huge, you can send it to us using our FTP link Select the product as "ServiceDesk Plus" and ticket number as 8650142.

Note: This is a temporary workaround. Collecting the logs immediately and sharing it with us will help us to identify the RCA for this issue. Once the RCA is found, we can fix this issue and release it in a hot-fix.

Attached file and its build version compatibility

Build No
File Name
14006_8711487.fjar (Kindly rename to once downloaded)

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