Avoid Re-opening of Resolved Requests and notify the tehcnicians

Avoid Re-opening of Resolved Requests and notify the tehcnicians

Scenario :
If someone replies to the Resolved requests. Status should not change to Open and Stay as "Resolved" and notify the Technician that there's a reply with a specific Keyword. This requires in case, if a Technician has replied and marked the request as Resolved and the requester or end user replies back saying 'Thank You'.

We can achieve the above using two scripts. Please check the attached
1. Create an additional field (S-line) and add it to the template. 
2.  Admin > Self-Service Portal Settings: When requester replies to closed requests: > Always create a new request
3. Using the business rule script we can update the status in the additional field. So every time the status is updated the additional field will be updated with the status.
4. Using custom trigger we update the status from the additional field when a reply is received. 

Business rule :
1. Go to Admin > Request Custom Functions > Custom Actions > Paste the content from the attachment (1. BR_update_previous_status.txt) and save it with a name.
2. Modify the additional field "API Field name" in the script. (2. Additioanl field API name.png)
3. Configure the Business rule as in the attached screenshot (3. Business rule configuration.png). 

Custom trigger :
1.Goto Admin > Request Custom Functions > Global function > New > Paste the content from the attachment (1. configuration.txt) and save it with a name.
2.Update the URL and technician key in the script. You can get the technician key under profile in the top right corner. Refer to this link.
3.Go to Admin > Request Custom Functions > Custom Actions > Paste the content from the attachment (3. update_status.txt) and save it with a name.
4. Modify the global function name, additional field API name, and the status name in the script. (2. Global function.png)
5. Configure custom trigger as in the attached screenshot. (5. Custom trigger configuration.png)

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