9205662 - Debug jar : SAML Dynamic User Addition

9205662 - Debug jar : SAML Dynamic User Addition

  1. SAML login with existing user works, But Error while dynamic user addition.

  1. Additional prints will be printed in the serverout.

Steps to get the Debug logs:
  1. Download the attached 14500_9205662_SAML_DYNAMIC_USER_ADDITION_DEBUG.fjar file
  2. Apply the fjar file and restart the application service. Check here for the steps to apply this fjar.
  3. Recreate the issue, try dynamic user addition with SAML.
  4. After getting the error, zip the logs folder and send it to us using our FTP link https://bonitas2.zohocorp.com/. Select the product as "ServiceDesk Plus" and ticket number as 9205662.
  5. We will analyse the uploaded files and get back to at the earliest.

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