Upcoming End-of-Life of Request V1 APIs

Upcoming End-of-Life of Request V1 APIs

Dear Customers,

Today we are announcing the End-of-life (EOL) date of July 31, 2020 for Request V1 APIs. From that date forward, any upcoming releases will not have access to the V1 Request APIs. All clients and integrations based on V1 will stop working unless they are updated to use the latest V3 version of the Request APIs.

We strongly recommend moving to the new version of APIs for all cases where the operations are supported in the newer V3 APIs.

Previously, the support for the User and Technician V1/V2 APIs were removed in a prior release. You can refer to that announcement here.

Scope of the EOL Announcement

Here is the list of Request V1 APIs which are being Deprecated, along with the equivalent V3 APIs:

Note that only the above operations are being EOL-ed. Some of the other Request V1 operations, which do not have equivalent V3 support, will continue to be available for the time being even post July 31, 2020. 

Example of some of the operations which will continue to be available:








Impacted Areas

Any external products, web clients or desktop applications which are integrated to ServiceDesk Plus via the V1 APIs would be impacted (particularly integrations which use the Request API). 

Within ServiceDesk Plus, Request APIs may be used in several places where we have scripting support. You may need to check and update these places too: 

Note: After the deprecation, in Custom Trigger and Custom Menu commands the $COMPLETE_JSON_FILE argument will not work. Please use the $COMPLETE_V3_JSON_FILE argument instead which will provide the input in V3 API format.

Resources to help with the Migration 

V3 API Documentation

Please refer to the link below for documentation on the Request V3 API, as well as sample inputs and responses. 



Sample scripts

Here are some forum articles, with scripts which use the newer Request APIs.

How to close linked requests when a parent request is closed 

How to automatically create multiple child requests from a parent request based on the resource question values (Copying parent UDF fields, Resource Information and parent attachments) 

Automatically close request after successive approval reminders

How to auto share request to users specified in a request field 

How to automatically close requests that are in a specific status 


General Difference in format between V1 and V3 APIs

To get an idea of the general differences between the V1 and V3 APIs, as well as the changes in request attributes and their formats, please refer to this document:



For any questions, you may reach us via the Community Forums or, by sending us a mail at servicedeskplus-support@manageengine.com 

Thank You


Theodore R

ServiceDesk Plus