Upcoming Asset Scan behavior changes in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Upcoming Asset Scan behavior changes in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

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We (ServiceDesk Plus MSP) are planning to release the 10.6 version (by End of Jan 22). We implemented a lot of features available between the SDP's 11.0 - 11.3 version in this MSP 10.6 release.

Along with this release, we are bringing some behavior changes in the Asset Scan model. We are tightly integrating with our Desktop central server / agent with our SDP MSP application to get more insights from assets. Hence we are bringing some behavior changes as mentioned below.

MSP ASSET SCAN Behavior Changes in MSP 10.6:

1.Windows/Linux Credential Asset scan has been removed in MSP 10.6
-Windows and Linux device type options under workstation/server-new scan page has been removed.
-Windows/WMI credential type options under the Discovery - Credentials Library page have been removed.
-Windows and Linux credential configuration have been removed under Discovery- Network Scan -> Add Network scan page -> Under Configure Credentials
Workaround : 
A) To scan / import a single workstation (Windows / Linux) separately, you need to use Remote AE servers or VMWare scan.
On installing Remote AE user can download DC agent which push data to Remote AE, and from remote AE data will be pushed to MSP 10.6 via MSP-Remote AE integration.
2.Domain Scan option has been removed in MSP 10.6
-Domain Mode option under Assets -> Workstation/server scan page has been removed.
-Scan Option under Discovery - Windows Domain Scan page has been removed.
Workaround : Use RAE -> DC Server -> DC Agent combination for this scan. DC Agent scan will bring data and will be pushed to DC server.
3.VNC, DameWare and Windows Remote Desktop options  under Discovery - Remote Control Tools has been removed.
-VNC, DameWare and Windows Remote Desktop options has been removed under Remote control option in asset details page
        - Remote control using Agent has been removed
Workaround :
A) Users can remote assets via zoho assist (Across networks). Goto Admin ->Integrations -> Remote Assistance Setup  .
B) Through Web Remote. For the WebRDP option, user needs to create "Remote control" credential type under Discovery - Credentials Library page.
C) Remote using Desktop Central is available. (If DC is integrated.)
4. Users will get failed scan status for the RAE imported assets , if the schedule scan is configured in SDP MSP or while clicking Scan now (Refer to Workstation field -> Scan type -> Distributed asset Scan) . This is possible only through the Distributed asset scan (RAE) user interface.

5.Removed the "MAC Address identification during scan" configuration from scan settings.

6.Removed "Automatic Delta Scan" option from scan settings. Note : DC Agent will automatically push the data periodically.
7.An option "Stop uploading scanned XMLs via non-login URL" is moved from Security settings to Scan settings. 

8."Audit Settings" menu under Admin >> Discovery has been renamed as "Schedule Scan"
- "Check for newly added workstations" option under audit setting is now renamed as "Scan new devices added in the network"
9.Scan Settings -> "Configure product for unknown sysIOD" option is now moved under Discovery - SNMP configurations.

Remote AE Changes:
1. SDP MSP 10.6 - Remote AE compatible build is 6909. Please upgrade RAE using Service pack available.

You can contact our support at support@servicedeskplusmsp.com for any clarifications. 

Thanks for your understanding

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ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP Team

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