ServiceDesk Plus MSP - version 10.5 - Build - 10500 Released

ServiceDesk Plus MSP - version 10.5 - Build - 10500 Released

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We are glad to announce the availability of SDP MSP Major release - 10.5 (Build - 10500). We thank all users and partners who provided your valuable feedback and continuous support in all aspects.

Please read the below points carefully before upgrading the SDP MSP installation.

  • We highly recommend you to do the upgrade in a test environment first. After a successful upgrade, you can just restore the upgraded database into a new installation and make it as a Production environment or you can do upgrade again in your Production environment during your Non-Business Hours.
  • After applying a service pack, start ServiceDesk Plus - MSP, log in through the Web UI and shut it down before applying the next service pack.
  • During the 10500 upgrades, our Bundled Postgres DB and JRE also get upgraded. Hence during this upgrade, All PGSQL related folders, files should be closed. Also please make sure all the folders, files present inside the SDP MSP installation folder are closed. The upgrade will fail if any of the files are open.
  • You can do the 10500 Upgrade only if you are under Valid AMS (Paid customers are only eligible for this upgrade). Please contact our sales at in case you are not under valid AMS and would like to pay for AMS.
  • In case you installed SDP MSP in a 32 Bit machine, please refer to this KB article, before applying the 10500 service pack.
  • You should upgrade the instance to 9427 first and then only you can upgrade to 10500 builds.
  • We are stopping support for builds less than 9400. Hence Please upgrade to our latest builds to get uninterrupted support.
What's New in 10.5 version (10500 Build)?
  1. Refer to this page for more interesting notes.
  2. Service Pack is available here.
  3. A detailed list of enhancements and Issue fixed details available here.

  4. As you know we are building our SDP MSP application above our ServiceDesk Plus (SDP) framework. This release is also a catch-up release of Servicedesk Plus Build between 10000 to 10500. Hence features, issue fixes, behavior changes done in SDP between in these releases is also applicable for SDP MSP. Hence, please refer to this SDP read me also (between 10000-10500 releases)
You can contact our support at for any assistance. 

Following is the support policy of ServiceDesk Plus MSP :

  • Product support will be offered only for builds that are one year old. To continue receiving support, you will have to move to the latest version of ServiceDesk Plus MSP.
  • Service packs released will be applicable only over the latest available build of ServiceDesk Plus MSP.
  • We stopped MYSQL Database support.
  • The mobile client (MC) is not supported.

We are stopping support for builds/versions less than 9.4 (Build - 9400). Hence we request our users to upgrade their instance to get further support.

Why upgrade?

By upgrading to the latest version, you get access to the new features that help improve your help desk performance and enhance IT service delivery. With every release, existing bugs are fixed, thus reducing the number of issues or breakdowns you experience with ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

Thanks for your continuous support

Head Of Quality Assurance and Customer Success Team
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP Team
Direct Support Number:+1-408-352-9131

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