O365 Manager Plus - Fixes and Enhancements [2021]

O365 Manager Plus - Fixes and Enhancements [2021]

O365 Manager Plus Release Notes

Release notes for build 4413 (May 10, 2021)

  • This build features enhanced Japanese language support.
Issue fixes:
  • Throttling issue while generating Mailbox Permissions reports.
  • Failing to gather data for SharePoint List Activities audit reports.
  • Issue in updating reports for users with MSSQL using Windows Authentication.
  • Empty values in default columns in Mailbox Size Restriction report.
  • Inability to enable or disable monitoring profiles.
  • Error thrown when a technician enables or disables report schedules.
  • Scheduled Stale Microsoft 365 Licenses report showing incorrect data compared to the actual report.
  • Federated domains not being displayed while working with management tasks or templates.
  • Not showing the License Status parameter with empty value while applying filters in License Detail report.
  • Empty Employee ID columns in All Users report.
  • Password expiry notifier excluding unlicensed users by default even when not chosen by the user.
  • Issue in removing columns from customized scheduled reports.
  • Issue in applying filters involving mailbox attributes in Manage License module.

Release notes for build 4412 (Mar 29, 2021)

  • The Exchange Online PowerShell V2 module has been upgraded to the latest version.
Issue fixed:
  • Due to receiving incorrect dates from Microsoft's Unified Audit Log, there has been a random occurrence of incorrect dates in certain audit logs. This issue has been resolved by our product team.
  • The issue of All Users report showing incorrect results after the completion of the full sync product scheduler has been fixed.

Release notes for build 4411 (Mar 11, 2021)

Issues fixed:
  • Issues faced while applying filters in the Manage License module have been fixed.
  • Groups that don’t belong to the Top N Groups report were shown earlier. This error has been fixed.

Release notes for build 4410 (Mar 5, 2021)

  • Database backup and restore, and robo update features are now available for MS SQL users.
  • An option to backup database while manually updating M365 Manager Plus has been added.
Issues fixed:
  • Issue in fetching MFA status of user accounts when REST API is enabled has been fixed.
  • Issue with technicians being able to create users in domains that do not belong to the virtual tenant delegated to them has been fixed.
  • The incorrect results issue due to insufficient data while performing mailbox content search has been fixed.
  • The option to manage users from MFA Enabled and MFA Disabled Users reports which was removed in build 4408 has been added again.
  • Technicians can now provide multiple values for ManageBy parameter while using CSV to create distribution groups.
  • Issue faced while applying filter based on Extended Properties in Azure AD STS Logon audit profile has been fixed.
  • Incorrect data issue faced while applying filter in the Inactive Mobile Devices report has been fixed. 

Release notes for build 4408 (Jan 20, 2021)


  • Delta sync enabled reports : To help improve the product performance, few user, mailbox, contacts and group reports will only fetch the incremental changes after the first successful sync.

Issues fixed:

  • The issue faced by virtual tenant-delegated technicians during bulk user creation has been fixed.
  • Non-English language users can now view their  Calendar Folder Statistics  report properly.
  • The issues with  Non-Owner Mailbox Access, Email Activity, Dynamic Distribution Group Members, Recently Password Reset Users (Self-Service)  reports have been fixed.
  • MSOnline dependency is removed for the user creation task which can now be done using Graph API.
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