O365 Manager Plus - Fixes and Enhancements [2020]

O365 Manager Plus - Fixes and Enhancements [2020]

O365 Manager Plus Release Notes 

Release notes for build 4406 (Nov 12, 2020)


  • O365 Manager Plus is now M365 Manager Plus: O365 Manager Plus has been rebranded to M365 Manager Plus.

Issues fixed:

  • The issue that occurs in mailbox auto reply configuration task when the characters in the message field exceed 400 is fixed.
  • The issue with updating status in the archive table due to which older audit data was not displayed is fixed.

Release notes for build 4403 (Oct 12, 2020) 


  • License restriction and usage control: In addition to the existing feature of limiting licenses by technician, you can now limit licenses by domain and virtual tenants. Also, restrict the usage of licenses by assigning a limited usage count for technicians, domains and virtual tenants.

  • Attribute-level delegation: Delegate the attributes in management tasks to Help Desk Technicians.

  • New audit reports: Track more events in OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Forms, Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Exchange Online.

  • The User License Assignment Details report has been newly added.


  • The user-friendly name of licenses has been updated.

  • Employee ID attribute will be supported in management and reporting.

  • Company attribute will be supported in single user creation templates.

  • The DOMAIN\username login format will be supported for Active Directory users.

Issues fixed:

  • The issue of the Manager attribute not updating in single user creation templates has been fixed.

  • The issue of Azure AD Logon Activity reports showing 'failure' for all the entries in the Result column has been fixed.

  • The issue in fetching data for monitoring while the proxy is configured has been fixed.

  • The issue in generating the License Details report has been fixed.

Release notes for build 4402 (Sep 19, 2020)

Issues fixed:

  • The issue faced while configuring a tenant due to certificate validation has been fixed.
  • The Issue in collecting data for reports and tasks based on Rest API has been fixed

Release notes for build 4401 (Sep 1, 2020)

  • While creating users using the User Creation Template, you can now add them to Office 365, security, and distribution groups.
  • In addition to users, you can also add Azure AD devices to security groups.
  • The latest build will feature an enhanced Japanese language support.

Issue fixed:

  • Issue faced while executing the Modify Office 365 Group members task with the Users with Same Attribute Values report has been fixed.

Release notes for build 4400 (July 27, 2020)


  • UI tabs categorization : For enhanced ease of access, all feature tabs of O365 Manager Plus will now be grouped under two main categories:

    • Management & Reporting.

    • Auditing & Monitoring.

  • SharePoint Online auditing and alerting : Perform granular audits and get real-time alerts on SharePoint Online files, folders, sync and sharing activities, site administration, sensitivity labels, and more.


  • Alerts Threshold : Configure the minimum number of events and the time interval within which these events should occur to trigger the alert. This enhancement is available only for builds that use Elasticsearch instead of PostgreSQL for data storage.

  • Revoke Azure AD Sign in : This task will terminate the user's active session with Office 365 applications. Executing this task will require the user to reauthenticate in order to use the applications.

Issue fixes:

  • Issue in updating a service account that contains special characters in the password has been fixed.

  • Issue in generating Daily Reports for Chinese tenants (Azure China cloud) has been fixed.

Release notes for build 4336 (July 6, 2020)


New management tasks:
  • Archive team: Archive private channels of teams and their associated site collections.
  • Unarchive team: Restore private channels of teams and their associated site collections.

New tenant configuration model:

  • Admins can now configure tenants using Office 365 login instead of the usual long winding manual process.


  • MS Graph API is now used to fetch Azure AD reports to improve performance.

Issue fixes:

The following issues have been fixed,

  • Issue in generating Mailbox Size Quota report.
  • Issue faced while scheduling reports that are customized using license based filters.

Release notes for build 4335 (June 3, 2020)


New MS Teams management tasks : O365 Manager has added the capability to manage MS Team members.

  • Modify Team Members - Add or remove members in bulk from teams or remove all the members of a team in a single click.
  • Add/remove Team Owners - Add or remove the owners of teams in bulk using CSV.


  • While selecting users or groups while performing Mailbox Delegation and Shared Mailbox Delegation tasks, technicians can now view the current Send As, Send On Behalf, and Full Access permission status of users and groups.

Issue fixes:

The following issues have been fixed,

  • Issue in filtering data in the Mailbox Auto Reply Configuration report based on virtual tenants.
  • Issue in generating Mail Traffic Summary and Detailed Mail Traffic reports.
  • Issue in showing the GMT timezone in the Date column for the following reports,
    • OneDrive User Activities
    • Daily Office 365 Group Activities
    • Daily OneDrive Site Activities
    • Daily Yammer User Activities
    • Daily Yammer Group Activities
    • Teams User Daily Activity
  • Issue in generating the Mail Trace reports when the records exceed one million.

Release notes for build 4334 (May 15, 2020)

Issue fix:

  • The unauthenticated change to integration system configuration vulnerability has been fixed.

Release notes for build 4333 (May 14, 2020)

Issue fixes:

The following issues have been fixed,

  • Issue in updating passwords for the tenants configured with app password.
  • Issue in generating Mailbox Usage, OneDrive for Business Usage, Group Usage, and some other reports have been fixed.
  • Date mismatch issue between certain reports and the corresponding graphs.

Release notes for build 4332 (May 9, 2020)


  • Last Access Time column which shows the time at which a mailbox was accessed previously, has been added to some mailbox reports.

Issue fixes:

The following issues have been fixed,

  • Issue faced by users with MS SQL configured with Windows authentication in archiving audit logs.
  • Issue in configuring the license management scheduler using filters.
  • Issue in exporting help desk roles when the Description is left empty.
  • Issue in using naming formats in management templates.

Release notes for build 4331 (Apr 30, 2020)


  • AD technician support : On-premises AD users can now be added as technicians in O365 Manager Plus by just configuring the domains.
  • O365 Manager Plus license alerts : Technicians can now configure email alerts on O365 Manager Plus license usage and expiry.
  • Advanced logon settings : Technicians can now configure CAPTCHA in O365 Manager Plus logon page, choose to block users after specified number of failed logon attempts, and configure other logon security settings.

Issue fix:

  • Time zone issue faced while filtering date columns in activity summary reports has been fixed.

Release notes for build 4330 (Apr 23, 2020)

Issue fix:

The following issues have been fixed,

  • Issue in sending out scheduled reports via email while using certain mail servers.
  • Issue in executing the Modify Naming Attributes task.

Release notes for build 4329 (Apr 04,2020) 

  • Unlimited access to all management and reporting features on any number of shared mailboxes, public folders, and other non-user resources for free, without additional license consumption.
  • The Don't send empty reports option has been added in scheduled reports to avoid sending blank reports.

Issue Fix:

  • The issue of configuring an auto reply with special characters in e-mail content has been fixed.

Release notes for build 4328 (Mar 12,2020) 

  • Management for Teams: Create, update, and delete teams, team channels, and more, in bulk.  
  • Reporting for Teams: Gain deep insights into Microsoft Teams channels, members, team size, usage, and more, with our comprehensive reports.
  • Modern authentication: Experience a more secure service account login with the OAuth 2.0-based modern authentication for Exchange Online Remote Powershell Session.  


Release notes for build 4325 (Jan 14,2020) 

  • Enhanced license based filters : Technicians can now directly select the license type based on which users must be filtered from reports,instead of having to manually type the license name.
  • Group-based filters : In user reports data can now be filtered based on user group membership.
  • Modify default schedulers : In addition to creating custom schedules, O365 Manager Plus now allows you to modify the run time of built-in report schedulers.
  • Custom run time : Technicians can now schedule automation tasks at custom intervals.
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