Devs' got it wrong.

Devs' got it wrong.


Just updated to version 14202. One of the issues we were hoping was fixed was not being able to use multiple monitors when replying:

In this new version the Dev's added full screen option. While that's great, that isn't what is needed or what we asked for.

My techs use multiple monitors. I would assume that a large majority of your users would also use multiple monitors. As you see in my original post (link above) that my techs need to drag the reply form over to a different monitor so they can then read all the info on the request during there reply. We have huge amounts of conversations, some with over 70 replies - so using multiple monitors is critical for them. This is how SDP used to work. They used to be able to drag over the reply onto the other monitor. Now, no.

You added full screen - great but that does not allow my techs to use both monitors;

we were previously able to move the reply pop up over to another screen and write our responses while looking/navigating the request

now we have to open another tab with the same request or save the draft, close, and then come back to edit

Can you please have the Devs change the reply/forward form to make it modal? moveable, drag-able? So they can drag it over to another screen. Full screen doesn't help them that much. In fact it covers what they need to see, Don't mean to sound unappreciative we really are thankful for your efforts. We develop and know how much work it is. 

Please change this asap. Thanks again!

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