M365 Manager Plus - Fixes and Enhancements [2022]

M365 Manager Plus - Fixes and Enhancements [2022]

M365 Manager Plus Release Notes

Release notes for 4516
  • Security hardening: Tighten product security by configuring the recommended security controls available under a single tab.



  • M365 Manager Plus now uses Exchange Online PowerShell v3 module.

  • You can now configure TLS protocol versions and cipher suites for improved security.


Issues fixed:

  • A minor issue in Content Search has been fixed.

  • Updated Apache commons-text JAR to 1.10.0 to prevent CVE-2022-42889 vulnerability.

  • An issue in data collection for the following reports has been fixed.

    • DLP Policy Matches

    • Malware Detections

    • Transport Rule Matches

Release notes for 4514
  • Seven new reports have been added to provide more insights into your Microsoft Teams environment.
    • Teams with Owners: Displays the details of teams that have owners.
    • Teams without Owners: Displays the details of teams that don't have owners.
    • Guest Team Members: Displays the details of the guest users in Microsoft Teams.
    • Teams Channel Members: Displays the details of the members in Microsoft Teams channels.
    • Teams Channel Size: Displays the count of members for each Microsoft Teams channel.
    • Guest Teams Channel Members: Displays the details of guest users for each Microsoft Teams channel.
    • Private Channel Members: Displays the details of members in private Microsoft Teams channels.

  • Mail retrieved using Content Search can now be printed or exported and mailed.
Release notes for 4513
  • Exchange Online PowerShell Module V2 will be used by default to connect to Exchange Online using modern authentication.
  • Summary reports in Mail Traffic, Shared Mailbox, General Contact, Non-Delivery, Distribution List and Received Mail report categories have been optimized for faster report generation. 
  • The Inactive Contacts report can now be generated by specifying the exact duration of inactivity (hours, weeks or days). A column for Last Activity Time has also been added to this report.
  • Upgraded to jQuery 3.5.1 to improve security of M365 Manager Plus.
Issues fixed:
  • The issue of incorrect data shown in the Site Statistics report has been fixed.
  • The error of managed users/mailboxes not shown in management tasks has been fixed.
  • The issue of automation schedule triggered in a different time due to the timezone error has been fixed.
  • The issue of naming formats not applied during Bulk User Creation has been fixed.
Release notes for 4512

  • Delta Sync support has been extended to group reports, group member-based reports, user license reports, mobile devices and user password details reports, to improve the product's performance by fetching only incremental changes.
  • M365 Manager Plus now supports any custom TOTP authenticator app for two-factor authentication.
Release notes for 4511

  • 2FA for improved security: Configure two-factor authentication during product login for product authentication and Active Directory-based help desk technicians. The following authentication modes are now available to the users,
    • Email Verification
    • Microsoft Authenticator
    • Google Authenticator
    • RSA SecurID
    • Duo Security
    • RADIUS Authentication
  • Improved support for Japanese and Chinese languages.
  • Automation policies can now be edited by help desk technicians.
Issue fixes:
  • The issue of SharePoint All Sites report generation stopping in between for some cases has been fixed.
  • The issue of missing default monitoring profiles faced by all other technicians when any of the monitoring profiles were edited by someone has been fixed.
  • The issue of data not being fetched for the Mail Items Accessed audit action has been fixed.
  • The issue of License Details report for Azure US tenants failing as the Microsoft API used in the product was not supported has been fixed.
  • The issue of the HasActiveSyncDevicePartnership filter in the Active Mobile Devices report has been fixed.
Other changes:
  • The following management tasks have been renamed:
    • Change Authentication Information → Modify User Contact Details
    • Change Contact Information → Modify User's Address Information
  • The Microsoft Teams PowerShell module has been updated to the latest version and can be used for data retrieval for Skype for Business reports.
  • The Logon Settings have been moved from the Settings tab to the Delegation tab (Delegation > Other Settings > Logon Settings) for better usability.
Release notes for 4510

Highlights :
  • Bulk user modification using CSV: Admins can now import a CSV file to bulk modify Microsoft 365 user attributes as well as add users to Administrative Units in a single task.
  • Modify Recipient Limits task can be used to add recipient limits to a mailbox.
Enhancement :
  • The product no longer depends on Azure AD module to communicate with Microsoft, reducing the load for customers. All the corresponding reports have been moved to Microsoft Graph API.
  • An option has been added to the Clear Mobile Device Data task to wipe only Exchange mailbox data from a device.
  • Mailbox Feature Settings task can now be accessed from Mailbox Features report.
  • M365 License Delegation menu has been added under the Delegation tab to include License Restriction and License Usage settings for easier navigation. License Restrictions can now be delegated.
  • Mailbox Message Size Restriction task now supports the feature to add recipient limits to a mailbox.
Issue Fixes :
  • The issue of missing Secret key in Azure AD application during automatic tenant configuration has been fixed.
  • The issue of Find option not working properly in Group Member Management tasks has been fixed.
  • The issue in giving folder-level, view-only permission in Modify Calendar Permissions and Mailbox Folder Permission Changes management tasks has been fixed.
  • The issue of Group criteria filter in Manage Licenses schedule not working for some cases has been fixed.
  • The issue in delegating SharePoint File Renamed activity has been fixed.
Release notes for 4509

  • Upgraded the Ember framework version to 2.18 for enhanced GUI performance.
  • Improved Japanese and Chinese language support.
Issues Fixed:
  • Issue where hashed values were displayed in the REST API-based usage reports due to recent changes in Microsoft's privacy settings.
  • Issue which let an operator to read all tenants' (Microsoft 365 account users) email addresses and their names.
  • Issue of data mismatch between scheduled export and normal export when last month is selected for the Daily Teams Activities Count by Type report.
  • Issue where technician was unable to embed the dashboard without being delegated.
  • Company Administrator role name is changed to Global Administrator in the Admin Roles report.
  • Shared Mailbox Permissions, Mailbox Permissions, and Stale License reports are now accessible by the Operator Extended role.
Release notes for 4508

Issues Fixed:
  • Issue in removing credentials while disabling authentication from mail server settings.
  • Issue in embedding dashboard widget in other web pages.
  • Issue in updating Rest API permissions for some customer environments.
  • Issue of deleted groups displayed in the Distribution Groups report.
Release notes for 4507

  • Administrators can now manage users from the Mailbox Statistics based reports as well.
  • Security groups can now be selected as owners while creating groups using the Distribution/Mail-enabled Security Group Creation task.
Bug fixes:
  • Some minor issues have been fixed.
Release notes for 4505

  • Azure AD auditing and alerting : Added seventeen new actions to audit under three new categories, namely Azure AD Policy, Azure AD Device, and Azure AD Directory Management. Twelve new actions have been added under the existing Azure AD User, Azure AD Group, and Azure AD App Administration categories.
  • OneDrive for Business auditing and alerting : Added twenty eight new actions to audit under two new categories, namely OneDrive List Activities and OneDrive Site Administration.
  • SharePoint Online auditing and alerting : Added three new actions to audit under SharePoint List Activities and SharePoint Site Administration categories.
  • New emails alert : Azure China tenants can now set alerts for new emails while configuring content search profiles.
Enhancement :
  • Enhanced UI with newly added descriptions for all actions listed in audit and alert profiles.
Release notes for build 4504

Highlights :
SharePoint Online reports:
  • All Sites: Lists details of all SharePoint Online sites.
  • Recently Created Sites: Lists details of recently created sites in SharePoint Online.
  • Recently Modified Sites: Lists details of recently modified sites in SharePoint Online.
  • Site Statistics: Shows the number of lists, sites, and folders in your SharePoint Online environment.
  • Site with No Lists: View details of SharePoint Online sites that do not have any lists.
  • Site with No Subsites: View details of SharePoint Online sites that do not have any subsites.
  • Site with No Document Library: View details of SharePoint Online sites that do not have any document libraries.
  • Inactive Sites: Lists details of all inactive sites in SharePoint Online.
Conditional Access Policies reports:
  • Conditional Access Policies: Lists details of all Conditional Access policies configured in your organization.
  • CAP Named Locations: Lists the details of configured locations and IP ranges that are applied to your organization's Conditional Access policies.
Exchange Online report:
  • Calendar Events: Lists details of all the events added to users' calendars.
Issues fixed:

  • Failure to generate the Auto Attendant Details report due to cmdlet deprecation has been fixed.
  • Failure to generate S kype Licensed Users, Skype Dial-in User, Skype Numbers, Skype Removed Users, and User PSTN Settings reports due to change in cmdlet attribute has been fixed.
  • The error in updating a service account when quotes are used as special characters in the service account password has been fixed.
  • Failure to generate data using Find and an issue in previewing selected devices in Remove Mobile Device task has been fixed.
  • An issue in filtering users by groups and domains while configuring password expiration notification has been fixed.
Release notes for build 4503

Enhancements :
  • Apply SSL certificate : Administrators can now apply self-signed or CA-signed SSL certificate to enable HTTPS.
  • Forced password reset : Admins and technicians will be forced to reset the default password, if it isn't changed.
  • Removed Struts framework: Dependency on Struts framework has been removed to enhance product security.
Issue Fixes :
The following issues have been fixed
  • Details of the deleted mobile devices were also shown in the Mobile Devices report.
  • Issue in filtering users based on group membership while creating help desk technicians.
  • Minor issues in management and content search modules.
  • Issue faced while generating the License Details report due to a change in Microsoft API has been fixed.
Other :
  • As Microsoft has retired support for auditing Microsoft Sway activities, the audit and alert profiles for Microsoft Sway in M365 Manager Plus will no longer be available.
Due to the deprecation of Get-MailDetailMalwareReport cmdlet, M365 Manager Plus now uses Get-MailDetailATPReport cmdlet to generate malware based general and audit reports.
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