[ ForYourInformation -52] Enhancements on Request Convert Feature to Incident/Service

[ ForYourInformation -52] Enhancements on Request Convert Feature to Incident/Service

You may all know about Convert Incident to Service and Service to Incident features in ServiceDesk Plus. Now with the 11138 builds, we have enhanced these features. 

Behaviour Changes and Enhancements: 

1. Removal of convert incident to service & service to incident functions from request actions menu: In the current design you can easily convert a request as service or incident (using both incident and service templates) with the edit function in the request form.

In older builds with edit function, you could only change the templates within incident or service, ie on editing an incident request, the application allows you to choose and change only incident templates from the list, you will not have the option to select a service template. One other limitation with the convert feature is, once a convert is initiated the request gets converted by-passing certain per configured workflows like ( skipping mandatory fields, FAFR will not get executed )

Example: When a request is created via email for "Need a new laptop" it gets created with the default incident template.

If the technician converts this incident into a service request using the Convert incident to service option and converting the request with the appropriate service template "Request for a new laptop", the request will be converted to service request without loading the form in UI, due to this the request gets updated without filling the required data for the new service template. In this scenario, the particular service template is configured with resource questions like "Choose the laptop model" and it is mandated through FAFR. The request converter feature by-passes mandatory fields, in this case, the technician assigned to the request has to edit the request and needs to update the required data, also if approvals are configured in the template workflow the approval will get triggered without the mandatory fields been updated.

In the current design, we have enabled the option to change the service/incident template within the ticket through the request edit button, which will solve the case where the ticket is updated without the required data being filled.


2. Deleting template tasks: In older builds, while changing a template of a request, you will have the option to delete the old template task. In the current design, all pending tasks from the old template will be removed automatically


3. Fields value retain: In older builds while converting a request to incident/service, you will be given options to override the new template values with the current request value or override all fields with template value or only fields with an empty value. In the current design, only the values of fields that are configured as "Requester can set" are retained and all other field values are set based on the new template values.


Thank you for your time, I hope you will find this information useful.

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