[ForYourInformation -51] Site field in request details page enhanced with Web URL

[ForYourInformation -51] Site field in request details page enhanced with Web URL

Based on our customer's request, we have enhanced the site field on the request details page in the 11129 builds of ServiceDesk Plus. Now users can click the web-URL link and get redirected to the particular web page.

This feature enhancement provides more ease, Let say the configured web-URL is of an intranet page, which contains details about the sites. By clicking the web-URL on-site details page, users can jump directly to the corresponding web page in order to see the conditions of the site like ( the connection to the Internet, network information, contact persons, etc.) and draw conclusions with little effort. This would simplify their work considerably.

Reference id :SDF-89971: (In the Site Details pop-up, the Web URL field is changed as a clickable link that will redirect the user to the mentioned webpage.)

Build before 11129:

Users can click on the home icon next to the site field, which gives you details about the particular site  ( address, city, postal code, state, country, email id, web URL, etc). However the web-URL field in the site was not enabled with hyperlink function, so users had to copy and paste the web-URL on a new browser tab to access the web page, this was a bit tedious. 

I hope you find this article helpful!