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            ZOHO Reports - Authentication issue Handling - GRID movement

            Recently we are facing issues if user saves the Zoho reports configuration page after entering email ID and AT key it throws authentication failure even though the email and AT key is correct. It happens as the registered login is in different grid server. 

            This article is applicable only for users who are trying to login using Zoho E-mail ID which contains  ->  .eu  (example -

            Please follow the steps given below to sort this issue.

            1) Take a copy of the existing  and which is located under C:\ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\server\default\lib\classes\resources.   Then search for "sdp.admin.zreports.url" and "sdp.admin.zreports.iamurl" 

            Note : It is moved under \ServiceDeskPlus-Msp\lib\resources from 9400 Builds.

            Search for the following lines :


            and change the corresponding entity to 


            2) Connect to the database and execute the query below:

            update zohoreportsconfiguration set param_value='' where param_name like 'TPLT_EmailID';

            3)Restart the application service alone after the above changes are done.

            4) Generate a new Zoho AT Key using the below URL :

            5)Click on 'save and sync'/'Resync'

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