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            Using Encrypted password for PgSQL

            1. Stop the ADManager Plus, if it started already(Start->All Programs->ADManager Plus->Stop ADManager Plus).

            2. Please check if you already have the file named encrypt.bat in the bin folder ("<Installation Dir>\ManageEngine\ADManager Plus\bin")

            3.Open command prompt.

            4.Navigate in the command prompt to "<Installation Dir>\ManageEngine\ADManager Plus\bin".

            5.Execute encrypt.bat <Your Password>.
            You may get the result as "Your Password=<encrypted form of your password>", Copy the "encrypted form of your password".

            6. Open the "database_params.conf" (with wordpad) file located in "<Installation Directory>ManageEngineADManager Plusconf".
            Locate  "# password for the db can be specified here", and add "password=<encrypted form of your password>"

            7.Save the file.

            8.Start the ADManager Plus(Start->All Programs->ADManager Plus->Start ADManager Plus).
            Updated: 15 Dec 2016 11:36 PM
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