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            Users get the ‘Account is disabled’ message when they try to login to the application. How can I resolve this?

            Please follow the below steps,
            • Login as the administrator.
            • Click on User Details to view the users list.
            • Under the status field next to the user name, check whether its color is Green or Grey. If its Grey, click on it and enable the login using the Admin password.
            If it was green, please follow the below steps,
            • Goto setup--> users and permissions-->Requesters.
            • Check whether the user is listed.
            • If the user is not available in the users list,Click on Import users button on top left corner and select Import Users from Zoho Business.
            • If he is already listed as Requester/Technician, check what is the value present in the login name field for the user. If it shows blank, click on the enable login for the user. 

            Updated: 22 Aug 2017 03:13 AM
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