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            Unable to add the interface again which was deleted from license management in NetFlow Analyzer till version 11001

            If you have deleted an interface from the license management and it it not getting added again automatically after reboot of the service. Follow the below steps to force all the interface of the device to get managed.

            1) Connect to the URL " http://serverip:(portnumber)/netflow/jspui/runQuery.jsp "

            2) Execute the Query

            Select * from NetFlow_Router

            3) This will display the devices with Router_ID. Note the Router_ID of the router you want to Manage and execute the following query

            update NetFlow_Interface set state=0 where ROUTER_ID=(router ID from the above query)

            4) Once this is done, Restart the NetFlow analyzer service

            Updated: 01 Dec 2017 03:40 PM
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