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            Unable to sync between Servicedesk Plus and Analytics Plus - ATKey error

            Unable to configure integration/sync between ServiceDesk Plus and Analytics Plus

            ERROR Message:

            FAILURE :Not able to get ATKey from Server.

            You can obtain the error log files from Support tab by clicking on the Support File link in the ServiceDesk Plus application or contact our support to resolve the problem.


            Please report the problem to the system administrator. Support file will have the error trace to analyze the problem and which can be created at Support -> Create Support File


            Please access the below link in the Analytics Plus installed Server.

            https://localhost:8443/iam/u/h#sessions/useractivesessions (For Analytics Plus version 3500 and above)

            https://localhost:8200/u/h#sessions/useractivesessions (For Analytics Plus version below 3500)

            On this page, Select all the Tokens and use the 'Remove Selected' icon to delete these tokens.

            Once deleted, on your ServiceDesk plus -> Admin --> Advanced Analytics Page, click on the reset password and retype the same password and save the configuration.

            If the sync still fails, please compress and upload the below folder for analysis

            <Servicedesk Plus home>\server\default\log (For ServiceDesk Plus version below 9400)

            <Servicedesk Plus home>\logs (For ServiceDesk Plus version 9400 and above)

            <Servicedesk Plus home>\zreports

            <Analytics Plus home>\logs

            Upload link:

            Updated: 14 Oct 2018 11:37 PM
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