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            Unable to start OpManager - PGSQL

            Sometimes OpManager will not start when the server ran out of disk space in the pg_xlog directory. It will not be possible to retrieve the connection to OpManager database. The files present under OpManager\pgsql\data\pg_xlog get disappeared in such situation(highlighted in the picture below). Running the pg_resetlog.exe will help to retrieve the default files under pg_xlog folder. This is will now allow us to connect to the database and start OpManager successfully.

            log trace

            05:03:34:290 AM ERROR: could not extend file "base/16384/256095": No space left on device
              Hint: Check free disk space.

   ERROR: could not access status of transaction 0
              Detail: Could not write to file "pg_subtrans/0132" at offset 155648: No space left on device.

            Steps to fix it

            Download the pg_resetxlog.exe and save it under OpManager\pgsql\bin directory

            From command prompt, go to OpManager/pgsql/bin and execute the following command 

            pg_resetxlog -f "D:\OpManager\pgsql\data"  (make sure to provide the path according to installation)

            Updated: 17 Mar 2016 03:17 AM
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