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            Unable to see Create Database Icons

            Issue: When Analytics Plus Professional edition is rebranded, the Create Database Icons on the home page disappears.

            Build: 2905 or less

            Solution: Though the identified issue is resolved in the latest builds 2906 or above, we need to perform a minor configuration change in order to fix it in the older affected build of Analytics Plus. Please follow the below steps to resolve it.

            1. Stop Analytics Plus Services
            2. Using Wordpad (open as Administrator) open the file <Analytics Plus Home>/reports/conf/domain/
            3. Find the entry IS_REBRANDED=TRUE
            4. Modify the entry as IS_REBRANDED=false
            5. Save the file and restart the Analytics Plus service

            The above step will retain the rebranding done, but will fix the problem faced with icons on homepage.
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