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            To change OpManager link/URL sent in the email notifications

            Customer has a global/external URL for OpManager (For Ex: so that it can be accessed from outside their network by technicians remotely or via iPhone and the customer wants the same external URL to be reflected in the email notifications sent from OpManager.

            To achieve this, edit the mail.html file under \OpManager\conf.
            (For Opmanager v12.x, this is under \OpManager\conf\OpManager\)

            Here are the steps:

            1. Stop OpManager service
            2. Take a backup of the existing mail.html file
            3. Open the mail.html file through a notepad or wordpad
            4. Go to the bottom of file and look for the entry
               Reported by : <a href="~protocol~://~host~:~port~/" >

            change this to:

               Reported by : <a href="Enter the external URL" >

            For Ex:

               Reported by : <a href="" >

            5. Restart OpManager service

            Updated: 24 Nov 2017 04:41 AM
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